Procrastination is my Middle Name

Let’s try to Eat frog with Pomodoro Technique

Due tomorrow? Do tomorrow…. NOO!!

I enjoy making plans such as spending hours in creating a never ending dreamy to do list. Then waking up each day and feeling even more tired than the last. To-do list already jam-packed with incomplete tasks from yesterday, and then it happens… a grotesque assignment has graced the inbox. An email pops up labelled with that flaming little red flag, and the words URGENT in capital letters.

How soon not now becomes never (infinityyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy)

The sight of the notification alone makes you wince, and without even opening the email, you just know it is going to be painful. The assignment demands your immediate attention, requiring you to be elbow-deep in a mess you just don’t want to be dealing with.

The very thought of getting started is daunting, with to-do list is already overflowing. So, we (procrastinators) do what a normal procrastinator would. Shove it further down the list and avoid it like the plague.
For now, we choose to tackle more achievable tasks. Before we know it, hours turn into days, days turn into weeks. The deadline is speedily approaching, and it has become routine to dodge this assignment like a bullet. It doesn’t have to be like this though. There must be some way to fight that procrastination.


After looking at the tasks I needed to get done today, I realized I definitely had an “A frog” that I needed to tackle and NOT procrastinate on, which was completing software tutorials assigned by my supervisor. I had several choices: sit and let the task get more intimidating as I thought about it more, do several little tasks that are not a priority but will get my mind off the big task…OR actually take the time to knock out the “frog” of the day. So, I sat down, and told myself that until I get this done, no other tasks will be worked on. Yes, I got interrupted a few times and had to answer a phone call or two, but that was my main, focused task. I knew it needed to be done otherwise who’s gonna face supervisor, so I got it done. So the task wasn’t high pressure, it was just a big task. I felt good after being highly productive.

By using this techniques I was able to easily cut through the clutter and achieve better results in less time. It really helped me to build momentum towards achieving other goals and stay productive :)